December 14, 2010

you are gifted ;)

We know how difficult it can be to pick the perfect gift for the people most important to you! Take a look, perhaps you'll get inspired!

artisan jewelry by our own jill renae

wallets & clutches that shine from deux lux

hats & scarves & gloves

glass jewelry by the most fabulous leilani jensen

cowboy boots in every shade of brown

travel pouches & all you need to stay warm

oh the glorious prairie underground cloak hoodie


kobo counter collection candle

a stand out clutch from designer maya moon

elise m belts

make you shine like (michael) star(s)

tuzzie muzzie...need i say more?

tights in every texture
hand knit goodies from local knitter, Solis

scents & reads
sock it to me

beautiful beads from schwa designs

stand outs from skinny

hand crafted goodness from tia kramer

jao to keep you beautifully moisturized & kai to make you smell delicious