August 12, 2011

The Lowdown: Ballard Art Walk August 2011.

It's the second Saturday again, Horseshoe gals! Time to take an evening stroll down the Ave to take a gander at Seattle's top local artists. We'll have an artist reception from 6-9 where you can meet our August artist, Kristien Ziska. Her latest collection is entitled Lunar Your Face Off, illustrations and mixed media paintings of babes and objects in celestial settings. 

Kristien Ziska is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from Seattle, Washington. Originally from the desert in Arizona, this dichotomy of climates touches on the contrast in her interests, inspiration, and company she keeps that has been a constant theme throughout her life. She is horrible at sitting still and currently in the pursuit of balance and the ever-evasive virtue…PATIENCE. Currently, she enjoys producing art via watercolor, gauche, acrylic, pen and pencil, and digital prints. She is lover of babes, the desert, the universe, time and space, champagne, international friend visits, her beavers, crystals, moons, Egyptian symbolism, and kitty cats. As she reaches proper adulthood she is realizing her interests trend closer to that of her true self at 9 years old.