September 29, 2011

Stand by your Brand! Meet Eva Franco

This past February we had the absolute pleasure of meeting the talented designer Eva Franco.  It's rare in this business to have the actual designer show us her collection. So needless to say we were delighted! She even cracked a bottle of champagne to share with us!

Any one of us who has put on any of her wares knows immediately the essence of what it is to be a woman. Eva Franco's designs are feminine, sophisticated and sexy.

Eva Franco emigrated to the United States as a young girl, fashion quickly became her entrée into new surroundings. Born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, but of Hungarian heritage, she discovered that her passion for designing clothing helped her express herself as she communicated with her American peers.

After graduating from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Franco went to Paris, where she continued her education as a design assistant for Etienne Brunel.

But it was when she moved to Los Angeles that she began crafting clothes for herself. Fueled by positive remarks from passersby, she set up shop at a local flea market, where she was able to learn directly from customers about creating pieces that celebrate the female form.

Today the Eva Franco brand can be found in 800 stores, including London and Paris. All clothing is made in Los Angeles, where her company is based.
About her FALL Collection:
(writen by Eva)

The mood of the clothing is what I call romantic texturalism. We are telling a story about a woman—she’s a collector and a traveler—who escapes for the weekend to her castle in the country. You see her arriving with her vintage luggage, wearing cozy capes, and then inside reading, relaxing, and laughing.

Most importantly, my imaginary woman has a sense of curiosity. She’s always exploring and discovering beauty in the world around her. That’s important to me in my own life—being inquisitive and adventurous, and always on the lookout for the loveliness in life.      

Lafayette Dress in Gypsy Nomad $198

Bridgette Dress in King + Queen $298

Society Dress in Saddle Back $298

Simonetta Dress in Stargazer $298