October 13, 2011

Stand by Your Brand! Meet Julienne Weston of Weston Wear

I suppose it all started on my moms old Singer Portable. I sewed everything including my sandals on that machine. My sister Paula helped me sew my first creation and before you could say "Haute Couture", I had a lovely "Courreges" like dress, a red and white wool houndstooth number, with a matching fitted "helmet hat", and strap under the chin. I was only 8 years old, yet the die was cast.

I also studied ballet from age 5, and participated in the Nutcracker every year for about 14 years. Now one could say that that these luscious costumes from the ballet made an imprint on my mind, most importantly that in those days none of them stretched! I will never forget, when I was in college getting my masters degree in Dance at Stanford, discovering the brand new fabric Cotton/LYCRA. It was a miracle fabric. You could look good, and feel good as well. We lived in our dance clothes, and with the elastic woven into the fabric, the clothes moved and stretched with the body, without losing its shape. This meant that we could wear our dance clothes out in the world, (without sewing in a zipper).

After the discovery of the versatility of Cotton/ LYCRA®, I began to design clothes for the consumer, launching the San Francisco based Weston Wear line in 1980. I would hold Weston Wear parties (like Tupperware parties), where a friend would invite all of her friends to her home, and I would bring a rack of clothes for everyone to try on. From there I took special orders with individual measurements for everyone.
Firmly believing in the "Stylish yet Comfortable" motto, my current focus is on collecting prints from Europe and printing upon nylon mesh fabric. This creates a "second skin" aspect to the Weston Wear look. Each season we offer a group of new prints that are available in certain styles, creating a multitude of possible combinations of solid and print mix. In addition, we offer stretch woven bottom weight fabrics as well as various sweater knits with a different twist.

 Not surprisingly, following over twenty years of dedication, Weston Wear's recognition has grown with the business.

We receive new arrivals from Weston Wear every month...these four lovely styles were just unveiled, take a peek!
Stay tuned for some of the most beautiful holiday dresses arriving early November.

The Dempsey Dress

The Jerry Dress

The Natalie Dress

The Suri Dress