October 26, 2011

Stand By Your Brand! Meet Suzabelle Designer, Suzanne Jaberg

"I'm a science geek and love anything to do with astrophysics, microbiology, even mathematics. I also happen to love pretty things. I'm not really sure how I ended up as a designer instead of an astronaut...I followed opportunity I suppose."  – Suzanne Jaberg, Designer

She says opportunity we think perhaps it's destiny that landed sweet Suzie here in our artsy city to create beautiful clothes.

Her story goes...
Born in lovely Canada, Suzie moved to Seattle post college where she traded her love of science for art.  She began showing her paintings at galleries and later expanded her creations to hand painting on clothing.  Jaberg says she's always had an appreciation for finer things and this we know is true.  A self taught sewer and apparel designer she set out to create feminine, unfussy and timeless clothes.  Launching her line in 2005 she quickly gained media attention as well as a faithful following of ladies who began collecting her unique pieces.  Six years later Suzabelle is going strong, the designs are always eye catching and fit a woman's curves in a way that makes you stand a little straighter and put a little more attitude in your walk! We are very proud to represent her work and enjoy sharing it with all of you.  Come on down and check out her stunning new collection.

Here's to a season of some of the most beautiful dresses you'll find...

The Ballantine Dress $188 (available in black and grey)

The Hunter Dress $178

The Plume Dress $188
The Swept Away Dress $178

The Macintosh Dress $188

The Everson Dress