November 4, 2011

The Lowdown! Artist of the Month: Kelly Rae Cunningham

We heart Kelly Rae's vivid and textural art!  This is the last week to get a peek at her installation at Horseshoe so stop on by and see what might be the perfect piece to adorn your walls. 

Lengthwise encaustic and mixed media on panel

oil and wax on wood

artist statement
My paintings began as slabs of clay, ceramic glazes, and the same tools that I use today to apply, layer, and scrape away paint. I fell in love with mixing colors and the smell of oil paint and turpentine, so I turned from clay to canvas. My work is strongly influenced by the materials I work with, not only their physical properties but their history. I paint with many mediums as they lend different qualities to the process: oil for the saturation of color and patience, acrylic for speed, collage and layering for depth, and encaustics (oil and wax) as it is tactile and most like working with clay. My paintings employ layers of color, boldly worked with palette knives and brushes.

I have been painting and exhibiting in Seattle for more than six years. My work is part of many private and corporate collections, including a series of 13 paintings for Mural Apartments in West Seattle. A 144” x 120” piece entitled fantango is the focus of the building’s entrance. A large painting entitled “middle school 6/7” can be seen in the November/December 2010 issue of Seattle Homes and Lifestyle.

oil and wax wood panel

oil and wax on wood panel
Waxy Fleur
oil and wax on wood panel