November 11, 2011

The Lowdown-Artwalk, this Saturday with Emily Alice Peck

Horseshoe welcomes back Emily Alice Peck and her lovely Encaustic/Fresco style paintings

Some words from Emily:
Painting is perhaps my narrow perspective, organic shapes observed in the everyday, a softer world that doesn’t hurt the eyes and ears or clutter the mind, using modern abstract lines and impulsive color.
My technique is using a fresco base, etched lines, acrylic, clay and milk paints finished with layers of wax. I have been developing this technique over the last 3 years.  It came only from trial and patience.
Growing up in the midwest, may be why expressing myself through the works of my hands is what i love, forming something from nothing; surprising even myself with what comes from the honesty of me that some how seeps through such simplicity.

“the hands are connected to the heart”