November 24, 2011

Walk the lines...Our latest and greatest!

While you're having a wonderful time celebrating all you're thankful for, these little gems will be here at Horseshoe waiting for you!

Knowing there are lots of festive gatherings and holiday parties in your future, you'll be even more thankful for these brand new blouses, sweaters, and dresses to choose from!

Akiko Petal Print Blouse $178

Eternal Sunshine Creations Bianca Pullover in Hazelnut Mix $178

Eternal Sunshine Creations Troika Pullover $238

Eternal Sunshine Creations Troika Jacket Sweater $278

Ella Moss Aztec Top $188

Laurie b. Best Bet Sweater $148

Akiko Twilight Dress $218

Eva Franco Eliza Dress $278

Eva Franco Collette Dress $278

TOMS Hand Drawn Metallic Dot $58 and Commando Polka Dot Legwear $38