January 16, 2012


Martin Luther King
August 28, 1963

Today we celebrate the life and work of the inspiring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reflecting on his famous speech evoked a desire to look at America in 1963.
Here's a brief snapshot of what was happening in pop culture that year...
Billboard Charts Top 40 Hit
Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen
(hailing from Portland, OR)

Television's Best Comedy of the Year
Sidney Poitier won the Academy Award for Best Actor
in Lillies of the Field

Elizabeth Taylor was Cleopatra

Jacqueline Kennedy
First Lady and Fashion Icon

Twiggy covered US Harper's Bazaar
Chevrolet debuted the Corvette Stingray Sport Coupe

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan were making change through poetic songwriting

Most Popular Toy

Over 200,000 people came to March on Washington to stand up for what was right

What do you remember about 1963?