January 4, 2012

The Girl Kit

The start of a new year can leave us with that powerful
feeling that anything is possible!
 We all set resolutions, some we conquer and others are a work in progress. 

So in the spirit of forging ahead and making change happen we realized that
 it takes a lot of work to be the best girl we can be.

Therefore in a effort to support our fellow ladies we've put together
some key items that are sure to help us keep our vanity in check. 
Butter London
  Horse Power Nail Fertilizer: feeds your nails with nutrients so they will grow, grow, grow!
Hardwear Top Coat: add some shine to your nails for a "polished" look.

 "Bacio Me"Lip Balm $11
Keep your lips soft & supple cause ya never know when the opportunity to pucker up might present itself!

 Perfume Oil $48
You'll be intoxicating with a few dabs of this pleasantly tropical fragrance.

 Reusable Adhesive-Free Nipple Covers $48
well the name pretty much says it all...you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

 Hand Refresher $8
Literally as good as a portable sink..

Hemming My Way
 16 Removeable and Reuseable Hem Snaps $18
When you don't have time to get those fabulous pants hemmed...meet instant gratification!

Butter London
 Luxury Lotion (3 aromatic scents)  $10 each
Hands take a beating- so be sure to slather them in a rich moisturizing cream often.

Butter London
 Powder Room Nail Polish Remover $4 & Nail File $2
A girls best friend to keeping her mani in tip top shape!