January 10, 2012

Jump on the Bandwagon: Stripes, please!

Stripes, Stripes and more Stripes please!  
Stripes, one of the most classic patterns around, will be making a strong presence in fashion this Spring. They have made their way across everything from tee's to footwear, yeehaw!
Do you believe in the old wives tale "wearing stripes makes you look bigger"?  
Well have no fear ladies because recent research shows that stripes, in fact, have a visually slimming effect.  
Now that is good news!
Here's a peek at some of our latest + greatest stripes...stay tuned there'll be many more to come!

Bailey 44 Ankle Buster Top $158

Bailey 44 Windward Dress $178

Ella Moss Chelsea Top $98
 Ella Moss Sunkiss Skirt $148

LA Made Sailor Top $78

Language Angle Top $88

Ella Moss Marina Top $118 

Ella Moss St.Tropez Sweater $168
Three Dots British Shirring Tee $78