March 8, 2012

It's a shoe-show!

We're so excited to announce the new Horseshoe Footwear Department! There's been no shoe un-tried and no sole un-examined in the hunt for the finest sandals this season has to offer.  Now that we've gathered the  goods it's time to schedule your pedicure and fetch your skirt because nothings going to stop you from sliding into spring feet first!  

Naya Cerena Sandal $148 
Naya Palomi Sandal $118

Antelope Luna Wedge $198 
Antelope Sadie Wedge $178
Antelope Maria Sandal $198
Antelope Luna Wedge $198

Ying Sandal $158, Yosey Sandal $158 and Yoda Sandal $158 each

TOMS Lina Brazil Weave Wedge $69 
TOMS Savannah Basket Weave Wedge $79

TOMS Corbel Canvas Wedge $69

TOMS Calypso Canvas Wedge $69

TOMS Red Canvas Wedge $69

Chambray Katia, Brown Giselle and  Black Leather Camilla
$78 each

Brown Burlap $59, Corry Chambray Classics $59 and Earthwise-Slate Recycled Classics $54
Freeland Classics in Navy and Fuchsia $54
Burlap Bimini $59 and Ash Maudie Cordones $74

Thatcher Moccasin $118

Cam Flats $98

Mona Loafer $118

Harvey Lace-up $148 and Silverton Slip-ons $98