May 11, 2012

Celebrating Our Mothers Style!

"The best style advice I got from my Mother is to Always wear a smile"
- Ashley DeLapp

"My Mom has always been a put together, poised and an elegant woman. Looking back at pictures when she was young, she was one stylish lady. How I wish she kept all of her clothes for us today. She couldn't though, as our family escaped from Vietnam in 1975 in a milk truck with her 3 young children and arrived in the US (Hawaii) where I was born, with only a tiny bag of clothes for all 3 of her kids and my dad. She was pregnant with me too as she did it. What a brave and amazing woman."
- Pesha Nguyen

  "Look how dressed up they are to go on a picnic!  My mom looks so glamorous, considering she has 2 small children to take care of!"
- Helen Anderson

"My Mom (meine Mutti) was a 70ies vixen with long blonde hair, rockin' knee-high boots and mini skirts. I learned from her all I know now."
- Mandy Kr├╝ger

"I know I adore the 60's + 70's era's most because I grew up watching my Mom, Aunts and Grandmothers rock all of it's best fashion."
- Jill Andersen

"My Mom taught me you don't have to wear super body hugging clothing to look sexy and feminine, oh and mascara, mascara, mascara!"
-Jennifer Alexander

" My Mom taught me not to be afraid of bold colors, patterns and short skirts."
- Kelly Rae Cunningham

My Mama Mia is my favorite southern belle and and my skinny jeans and striped top inspiration."
-Rani Ban