July 13, 2012

Artist Of The Month: SEAN YEARIAN

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful paintings of Sean Yearian printed on the gorgeous TEU Swimwear, now you can up close and personal! His paintings will be featured on the walls of Horseshoe for the months of July and August! Please join us for Ballard's ArtWalk tomorrow, July 14th with a reception from 6-9 and meet the artist in person. 

In the mean time we asked Sean a few questions about inspirations and motivations for making his paintings.

Where did you grow up?
Chetzamoka Park, Port Townsend WA

Why did you leave/stay?
I never left, my brain is still there

What is the most unusual thing that you have been inspired by as an artist?
T-Shirt design by Ray Troll "spawn til you die"

Where is the most unusual place you have created a piece of art?
In the barns and net sheds on the peninsula

What are you top 3 music picks for the studio?
No three pieces but I do three- peat play current favorites whether they're old or new and let them play over and over again.

Do you have a style/fashion hero?
An old salty Vaurnet and croaky wearing carpenter/fishermen from years ago.

What is your favorite type of cloud formation?
Thousand shades of grey stratus clouds rolling in.

What's your favorite place to sit and think when you have a spare moment?
On my back when I know the treadmill of life can wait.

What's your favorite color combination?
I use clients house paints for the pieces so my favorite combinations tend to be contemporary palettes people are using in their homes.