July 30, 2012

Paint the Town

 We’re in the mood for a celebration of bold expression with splashes of colors, and what a better place to find inspiration than Ballard’s very own Dakota Art Store! Recently transplanted from their Roosevelt Neighborhood, Dakota Art Store offers a wide array of professional artist tools as well as 
materials for artists of all levels and ages.

We thought it would be fun to explore the multitudes of pigments and assorted materials of the art world and bring in our own playfully colorful looks to share some of our vision for a 
summer to fall transition for your wardrobe.

Skies Are Blue  Azura Top $78

Lilla P Cassidy Blouse $148

Michael Stars Dolman Sleeve Boatneck Sweater $128
Subtle Luxury Starbursts Scarf  $88

Three Horses Uni-Loop Leather Necklace in Lemon $168

Weston Wear / Lea Blouse $168
Maguba / Stockholm Clog in Red $148