July 18, 2012

small, little, wee & mini

Life can be measured by the little wonders of the everyday, so today we want to take a moment to reflect on the little things in life, and our shop, that make us happy! From candy colored rings, cards conveying the perfect sentiment, to nostalgic items and sweet perfume, just take a gander at the variety of wee small gifts and treasures that are the perfect size to easily fit into your life or the life of someone you love.

  Precious Glass Rings
$18 each

 Sweetest greeting cards ya ever did see!
by: Ghost Academy, Hammer Press and Hello Lucky
$5-$6 each 

 Heavenly Scented Kai Perfume Oil

 Sassy Luv Aj Accessories
Perforated Cross Ring $58 
Pyramid Stud Letterman Ring $112

 Neon Hair Ties
$1.50 each

Nostalgic Scrabble Mugs
$12 each