September 19, 2012

Prairie Underground Fall '12: A Travelogue for Style Seekers

Clothiers for independent women, Prairie Underground has used sustainable 
textiles  in every collection since in 2005. 

Proudly made in Seattle, U.S.A.

In her search for the true source of independent fashion, she journeys to the heart of the land. She seeks an aesthetic that speaks to her rugged individualism yet never denies the importance of her charming femininity. 


Everyday is full of possibility! She wants to be dressed and ready to take on anything that might come her way; respectfully and with grace.

Comfort is matched with expressive and imaginative layers of organic cotton; 
reflections of her strong willed demeanor. 

Gentle colors arise from luxuriously soft natural materials. She feels connected 
to her world and relaxes into it.

Her wanderlust sends her every which way, all the time knowing in her heart
 that her style comes from within.

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