October 17, 2012

Class Act

An autumnal mood is inspired by the crisp wind that flirts shamelessly with the falling leaves.  It’s time for long walks down winding paths that weave through beautiful old ivy-lined brick buildings. You’re no stranger to life’s bigger questions, and you're not afraid to admit that you don’t know all the answers...yet.

Thread and Supply Chachi Denim Vest $88

Get into the mindset of the season. 
These layers of rich color and feminine shapes are sure to speak to your intelligence.

Hello Miss Atsa Dress $88
Vintage Cowboy Boots

 You can read the writing on the wall.  
It’s clear that the time is now to present your refined fashion sensibilities...in your own words of course!

Beauty resides in your ferocious quest for truth; eloquence is in your attention to exquisite detail.  

Covet Jordan Striped Maxi $128
Raven Kora Denim Jacket $218
Mutti's Knits Hand Knit Shawl $78
Christy's Ella Floppy Brim Hat $62 

The scent of knowledge is a perfume that arouses your senses 
as you journey through the book-lined corridors of life.

Vanessa Mooney Stone Ring $88

Bella Dahl Military Shirt $128
Dex Hutton Sweater $88
Blank NYC Spray on Skinny in Pumpkin $78

Thread & Supply Charlie Coat $88

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers."