November 16, 2012

Calleen Cordero:Fine Crafted Beauty

We are so excited by Calleen Cordero and her line of high quality artisan handbags and accessories! 
Calleen is passionate about the old world standard of craftsmanship, the luxurious allure of beauty, and the nourishment of comfort.

Wayla Snap Cuff $138 
Snake Double Wrap $118
White Agate Stone Rocal Cuff $238
Tania Cuff $118

Snake Double Wrap Bracelet $118
Turquoise Stone Cab Cuff $238

Tania Cuff $118
Wayla Snap Cuff $138
Old Tree Rocal Stone Cuff $238

Calleen Cordero Handbag Collection 
The combination of gold, silver, and brass with fine leather creates beautifying effects that speak to the fire of femininity and the power of raw style!