November 19, 2012

Fresh from the Mountains

Wild-crafted from the mountains and deserts of the west, Juniper Ridge is an exclusive line of natural apothecary products that bring the fresh  fragrance of the wilderness to you everyday.

Backpacker's Cologne $85

The amazing aromas of these scents are interactive reminders of the
 breathtaking and majestic beauty of the natural world.

Desert Scented Cedar Blocks $12-20

Natural Room Spray $21

Juniper Ridge creates all of their products from start to finish,
 making the aromatic experience as true to its wild source as possible.

Wildharvested Organic Soap $11

Wildharvested Tea $13

Wildcrafted Sachet $11

Wildcrafted Trail Crew Soap $35

Come in and let your senses decide which scent most speaks to
 your appreciation for nature.

Join us on Saturday December 1st from 1-4 PM when the Juniper Ridge Field Lab (an Econoline Van with a converted whiskey still) pulls up in front of Horseshoe to create us a one of a kind fragrance.  Limited supplies--get on down here for some some good ol' fashioned fun! Yeehaw!

learn more about these divine products and their origins at Juniper Ridge