December 3, 2012

Infinities, Snoods, and Knits, OH MY!

Don't get left with a bare collar while trying to differentiate one toasty style from another! Read on to learn all you need to know about  all the scarf options out there this year. 

Classic Woven Scarf
The classic woven scarf perfectly adds femininity to any outfit while still keeping you pleasantly warm.   
Subtle Luxury Kona Scarf $48

Subtle Luxury Baja Stripe Scarf $48

V. Fraas Metallic Abstract Scarf $38

The covered knot, twisted loop or simple wrap around  are just the beginning of the endless possibilities a woven scarf has to offer!

The Snood Scarf
The knitted snood is simple and chic. Pull it on and zip up your coat for instant cozy warmth!
QI Cashmere Callan Snood $128

Krochet Kids Marie Scarf $32

Infinity Scarf 
The continuous loop has toasty comfort and everlasting style. 
Costa Blanca Combo Knit Infinity Scarf $38

Subtle Luxury Solid Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf $38

Loop it around a couple times for your brisk walk to dinner and then let down the circle to complement your attire once your settled in the heat. 

Classic Knit Scarf 
The classic knit is a no fail frigid eliminator. 
Michael Stars Chain Reaction Scarf $68

 V. Fraas Window Pane Scarf $28

V. Fraas Ombre Tapestry Scarf $32 

Bundle it up to get reach it's warmth potential or give a relaxed swoop around your shoulder to show off all it's beautiful texture!