December 12, 2012

Revealing what you want with a Cardigan

Don't let your indispensable cardigan be the piece that gets over looked this season. The cardigan can offer extra color, unique attitude, and make your look more interesting.  By choosing the perfect length and print you'll make a dynamic addition to your style while at the same time the rest of your outfit will enjoy some well deserved attention. Follow our lead and your cardigan's warmth will become an added bonus, not it's only benefit.

Subtle Luxury Intarsia Wrap $128
Amour Vert Diana Dress $198
Elspeth Cowl Snood $138
TOMS Suede Desert Wedge $89
Greyling Necklace $98 

Blank Personal Life Skinny $78

Subtle Luxury Scarf $48
So when the crisper air starts to bite at your heels, let the cardigan wrap around your style, accentuating your already awesome look!