July 30, 2012

Paint the Town

 We’re in the mood for a celebration of bold expression with splashes of colors, and what a better place to find inspiration than Ballard’s very own Dakota Art Store! Recently transplanted from their Roosevelt Neighborhood, Dakota Art Store offers a wide array of professional artist tools as well as 
materials for artists of all levels and ages.

We thought it would be fun to explore the multitudes of pigments and assorted materials of the art world and bring in our own playfully colorful looks to share some of our vision for a 
summer to fall transition for your wardrobe.

Skies Are Blue  Azura Top $78

Lilla P Cassidy Blouse $148

Michael Stars Dolman Sleeve Boatneck Sweater $128
Subtle Luxury Starbursts Scarf  $88

Three Horses Uni-Loop Leather Necklace in Lemon $168

Weston Wear / Lea Blouse $168
Maguba / Stockholm Clog in Red $148

July 27, 2012

Old Ballard

We are proud to be located in the Historic Landmark District of Ballard, known to be a microcosm of Pacific Northwest history.  Annexed to Seattle in 1907, it’s a place with strong maritime roots. Originally a home to mill workers, fishermen and boat builders many of whom emigrated from Scandinavia, Ballard has seen many changes over the years while still maintaining a unique vibe and strong community feel.

Come with us on a pictorial tour of Our Ballard, and get a sense of what makes this unique part of Seattle so special. 

 A commitment to local industry is felt very strongly in Ballard, and Horseshoe is proud to support businesses that hold true to the calling for locally made and sustainably crafted clothing.  Shining bright in this category is Prairie Underground, with their use of organic cottons and hemp to create artfully designed and ultra-cozy urban attire. 

Michael Stars Sparks Fly Scarf $38 
Velvet Willow Tee $78

Vintage Cowboy Boots

Prairie Underground Denim Girdle Leggings $138 
Subtle Luxury Starburst Scarf $88

July 23, 2012

Desert Oasis

TOMS, once again delivers a stylish shoe just in time to add it as a key piece to your fall collection.  The Desert Wedge is available in a captivating neutral color palette and finished in ultra-soft suede.
 These new "must have" wedge booties will let you comfortably stand tall and 
get a better view of the scenery while still giving you a
 completely feminine, edgy urban look.

For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased- a pair is donated to children who do not have shoes
 and thus suffer from disease.   

available for purchase at HORSESHOE

July 20, 2012

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

What does a Horseshoe gal wear to summer happy hour in our own Old Ballard? 

Where does she go?? 

We'll show the ropes!! 

Perfect for afternoon bourbon and BBQ at  Bitterroot

 Collective Concepts Volcano Romper $78 

Perfect for a hand-crafted cocktail at The Gerald

 Bailey 44 Carlo Ponti Dress $158

A match for a Manhattan at Hazlewood

Andree by Unit Crosshatch Dress $78

Perfect for a late afternoon Spanish tapas stop at Ocho

Veronica M. Aries Maxi $98

Made for an afternoon of authentic Oaxacan cuisine at 

Veronica M. Sunset Maxi $118 

July 18, 2012

small, little, wee & mini

Life can be measured by the little wonders of the everyday, so today we want to take a moment to reflect on the little things in life, and our shop, that make us happy! From candy colored rings, cards conveying the perfect sentiment, to nostalgic items and sweet perfume, just take a gander at the variety of wee small gifts and treasures that are the perfect size to easily fit into your life or the life of someone you love.

  Precious Glass Rings
$18 each

 Sweetest greeting cards ya ever did see!
by: Ghost Academy, Hammer Press and Hello Lucky
$5-$6 each 

 Heavenly Scented Kai Perfume Oil

 Sassy Luv Aj Accessories
Perforated Cross Ring $58 
Pyramid Stud Letterman Ring $112

 Neon Hair Ties
$1.50 each

Nostalgic Scrabble Mugs
$12 each

July 16, 2012

Pinning for the Soul

Oh, the hours spent pinning to our hearts content. 
Here's a snapshot from one of our favorite boards "Speaks to our Soul" 

click below to follow all of our boards, we want to follow yours too!

PIN with us! We know you'll love it!

July 13, 2012

Artist Of The Month: SEAN YEARIAN

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful paintings of Sean Yearian printed on the gorgeous TEU Swimwear, now you can up close and personal! His paintings will be featured on the walls of Horseshoe for the months of July and August! Please join us for Ballard's ArtWalk tomorrow, July 14th with a reception from 6-9 and meet the artist in person. 

In the mean time we asked Sean a few questions about inspirations and motivations for making his paintings.

Where did you grow up?
Chetzamoka Park, Port Townsend WA

Why did you leave/stay?
I never left, my brain is still there

What is the most unusual thing that you have been inspired by as an artist?
T-Shirt design by Ray Troll "spawn til you die"

Where is the most unusual place you have created a piece of art?
In the barns and net sheds on the peninsula

What are you top 3 music picks for the studio?
No three pieces but I do three- peat play current favorites whether they're old or new and let them play over and over again.

Do you have a style/fashion hero?
An old salty Vaurnet and croaky wearing carpenter/fishermen from years ago.

What is your favorite type of cloud formation?
Thousand shades of grey stratus clouds rolling in.

What's your favorite place to sit and think when you have a spare moment?
On my back when I know the treadmill of life can wait.

What's your favorite color combination?
I use clients house paints for the pieces so my favorite combinations tend to be contemporary palettes people are using in their homes.