September 26, 2012

Showing you the Mooney!

Never underestimate the power of a well placed accessory. 

We have a whole new shipment of Vanessa Mooney jewelry that vibes the modern tribal look, chic eclectic style and handcrafted beauty.

The Nugget Bracelet $58
The Estella Bracelet $128
The Legend Bracelet $118
The Octavia Bracelet $108

The Grace Necklace $48 

Small Nugget Brittany Necklace $52-$58

The Genevieve Statement Necklace $188

Accessories are a great way to add strength to an outfit, adding a touch of your unique personality into the mix.

See for yourself the ornate visions of this popular designer, and let them inspire you this season.

September 21, 2012

The Building Blocks of Beauty

 Every girl’s closet has the makings for an eye catching look. 

It’s just a matter of taking a little of this, and a little of that and boldly putting it all together into one spectacular arrangement.

Color blocking is a fun way to take charge of your wardrobe by mixing and matching colors and prints, giving your style a little extra pizzazz.

Butter by Nadia Capped Sleeve 3/4 Length Dress $318
San Diego Hat Company Crawford Hat $88
Sacha London Julie Pumps $128

Don’t be afraid to mix solid colors and patterns together.  Have fun, let loose and be daring!

Butter by Nadia Capped Sleeve 3/4 Length Dress $318

When it’s time for a dramatic look, it’s an opportunity to get creative.

Butter by Nadia 3/4 Wrap Dress $318

Okay! You're ready! Take one last look in the mirror….you look marvelous!

September 19, 2012

Prairie Underground Fall '12: A Travelogue for Style Seekers

Clothiers for independent women, Prairie Underground has used sustainable 
textiles  in every collection since in 2005. 

Proudly made in Seattle, U.S.A.

In her search for the true source of independent fashion, she journeys to the heart of the land. She seeks an aesthetic that speaks to her rugged individualism yet never denies the importance of her charming femininity. 


Everyday is full of possibility! She wants to be dressed and ready to take on anything that might come her way; respectfully and with grace.

Comfort is matched with expressive and imaginative layers of organic cotton; 
reflections of her strong willed demeanor. 

Gentle colors arise from luxuriously soft natural materials. She feels connected 
to her world and relaxes into it.

Her wanderlust sends her every which way, all the time knowing in her heart
 that her style comes from within.

 shop Prairie Underground  

September 17, 2012

Pony Up!

We like our spirits unbridled, our style untethered, and our dreams unrestrained!

  No one can tie us down and break our passion for fashion because it's in our blood! There's a wild streak that runs through these sweaters that we are sure you are going to embrace.

Knitted Dove Wild Horses Sweater $88
Emu Whyalla Tank $68
Emu Umina Leggings $98
Vintage Cowboy Boots

Knitted Dove Horse Poncho Sweater $118
Emu Whyalla Tank $68
Emu Umina Leggings $98
Vintage Cowboy Boots

Knitted Dove Deer Andrew Poncho $118
Emu Umina Leggings $98
Kris Nations Illinois State Necklace in gold $48

September 14, 2012

Stand by your Brand: Three Horses

After gawking at a dear friend's necklace a few weeks back, we went straight to the source and found out how to get our hands on these necklaces for our customers!  

We ordered, wore and fell in love all over again with the handmade leather Uni Loop Necklace by Three Horses and had the pleasure of interviewing Tiffani Anne Williams, the wonderfully creative  designer.

Read below to hear what she has to say about her inspirations and the accessories we'll be seeing next!

Three Horses Leather Uni Loop Necklace in Yellow $168

Horseshoe: How long have you been creating jewelry?
Three Horses: Since I was a teenager. I've always been experimenting with clothes and accessories made by hand.

Horseshoe: What was your inspiration for the Uni loop necklace?
Three Horses: African Witch Doctor accessories

Horseshoe: Are you from LA?
Three Horses: Originally from Austin, TX

Three Horses Leather Uni Loop Necklace in Poppy $168

Horseshoe: What's your favorite creation?
Three Horses: My upcoming leather bags, coming out in the Fall!!

Horseshoe: Do you work alone or do you have a business partner/s? 
Three Horses: Currently working alone on the Three Horses brand. I launched a brand previously with my husband called Rich-in-Craft.

Horseshoe: What's your favorite thing to do in LA?
Three Horses: Shop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Three Horses Leather Uni Loop Necklace in Cobra $168
Blank NYC Spray on Skinny $78

Horseshoe: What's is your favorite book?
Three Horses: Currently, The year of Magical Thinking.

Horseshoe: What music are you currently jiving to these days?
Three Horses: Any World music from the late 60's

Horseshoe: What is your favorite color?
Three Horses: Red 

Three Horses Leather Uni Loop Necklace in Turquoise $168
Emu Whyalla Tank $68
Emu Umina Leggings $98

Horseshoe: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Three Horses: Creatures of the wind

Horseshoe: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Three Horses: Vintage Crafts, Fiber Arts, Ceramics and Textiles.

Horseshoe: Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?
Three Horses: I'm currently experimenting in ceramics and handmade glazes. More to come!

Tiffani Anne Williams
Three Horses Brand

September 12, 2012

Shades of Wine

A tantalizing escape into a bouquet of flavorful looks, these shades of wine are keeping our glasses half full this season.

Vintage Capegio Butterfly Boots $198

Juicy and soft, this fruit forward top is well balanced with hints of spice.


With all its natural elements in harmony, this sweater imbibes an essence of mature berry and subtle tannins

A hint of cinnamon exploding with raspberry nuances for a lingering aftertaste.  The Jacket rounds out this dress with black coffee for an intense finish.