October 31, 2012

Denim Vests: The Look You Forgot You Loved!

Pssst.....We have a surprise for you! 
Remember the Denim Vest? We do! 
If you've forgotten how versatile and awesome this look can be, don't worry, we have styled them 3 ways to remind you why you shouldn't be without one.

 Thread & Supply Chachi Denim Vest $88
TOMS Wool Desert Wedges in Plaid $89
Asian Eye Kauai Wool Scarf $68
Daly Bird Double Fringe Bag $168

Taking the look out of the vault is not as tricky as you might think. 
It's an opportunity to show off your great new tops and dresses; keeping you cozy and cute...
just how you like it.

Splendid French Terry Legging $68
Mutti's Handknit Knits Snood $78
So, get layering girls.
These vests want to share the limelight with your great fall boots and scarves.
Not only that, they are in it for the long haul, Winter, Spring Summer or Fall! 

October 29, 2012

Together but Separate

Meet the Eliza Separates by Otis & Maclain. 
Spectacular together or apart, these two must-have items create a myriad of show stopping looks.

These two pieces together are the perfect choice for work or play.

This peplum top comes to life when paired with skinny jeans and simple accessories.

Daly Bird Double Fringe Bag $168
Mutti's Hand Knit Shawl $78

With a sweater and a darling pattern in tow, this pencil skirt creates a look that is perfectly you. 

October 24, 2012

Natural Inspirations from Kalosoma Jewelry

Inspired by a childhood of spending time in the countryside with her entomologist grandfather, Claudia Quiroz named her jewelry after the jewel like Calosoma beetle. Latin for 'calo' beautiful and 'soma' body, Kalosoma is a line of jewelry that embodies the spectacular beauty of the natural world with unique skillfully handcrafted charm.Using semi-precious stones, hand woven sterling silver, and fine leather, these beautiful pieces stay true to the artisan traditions of Mexico where Kalosoma is designed and made.

Stunning when worn together,
however, each piece is a stand alone wonder to behold. 

Leather Cross Pendant Bracelet with Abalone $48

Leaf Moonstone Leather Bracelet $258

Citrine Leather Ring $128
Lemon Quartz Leather Ring $148
and Quartz Leather Ring $148 

Leather Cuff 
with Sterling Silver Embroidery $428

Leather Cuff  with Labradorite Moonstone $368

Leather Rosette Necklace with Turquoise $78
Leather Leaf Necklace with Sterling Silver Embroidery $278
Leather Rosette Necklace with Pearl $58

Leather Rosette Necklace with Pearl $58

Leather Leaf Necklace 
with Sterling Silver Threading $278

Leather Rosette Necklace with Turquoise $78

October 23, 2012

Get Your Coat On

Ladies, the top most layer should not be an afterthought. It’s not just about staying warm, if that was the case we would all be walking around in wool blankets this winter!?!

The key is to match the jacket to the occasion.

For the daily chores list, the trip to the grocery store, the bank, the cafe, etc. 
You’re going to get it done wearing the Anorack.

Covet Dani Aztec Cropped Sweater $128
Raven Remy Skinny $128

You put so much thought into your cute outfit for a lunch date, why cover it up with anything less than a stylish Swing Coat. 

You’ll look good taking it off as well as putting it on!

Crown Jewel Lux V Tee $58
Genetic Denim Shya $188
Neosens Pedral Shoe $248

An evening out sound fabulous, right?! 

Luckily there are plenty of things to do; the theater, a romantic dinner, a concert. 
Whatever the occasion, steal a little of the attention for yourself in a dramatic Belted Coat.

Splendid Vancouver Sweater $248
Genetic Denim Shya $188

October 19, 2012

Hooray, it’s boots & socks season!

Are you ready to express a free-spirited approach to fashion?? 
The primary goal of course is to keep your feet warm and cozy, 
but don’t forget the cute factor!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3...be cute, be creative, be comfy!




Boots are a must have cold weather essential. 
Paired with scrunchy socks, over-the-knee’s, or colorful stockings, it’s an effortless way to make your outfit pop.

October 17, 2012

Class Act

An autumnal mood is inspired by the crisp wind that flirts shamelessly with the falling leaves.  It’s time for long walks down winding paths that weave through beautiful old ivy-lined brick buildings. You’re no stranger to life’s bigger questions, and you're not afraid to admit that you don’t know all the answers...yet.

Thread and Supply Chachi Denim Vest $88

Get into the mindset of the season. 
These layers of rich color and feminine shapes are sure to speak to your intelligence.

Hello Miss Atsa Dress $88
Vintage Cowboy Boots

 You can read the writing on the wall.  
It’s clear that the time is now to present your refined fashion sensibilities...in your own words of course!

Beauty resides in your ferocious quest for truth; eloquence is in your attention to exquisite detail.  

Covet Jordan Striped Maxi $128
Raven Kora Denim Jacket $218
Mutti's Knits Hand Knit Shawl $78
Christy's Ella Floppy Brim Hat $62 

The scent of knowledge is a perfume that arouses your senses 
as you journey through the book-lined corridors of life.

Vanessa Mooney Stone Ring $88

Bella Dahl Military Shirt $128
Dex Hutton Sweater $88
Blank NYC Spray on Skinny in Pumpkin $78

Thread & Supply Charlie Coat $88

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." 

October 12, 2012

From Pendleton, With Love.

My Dear,
I am mesmerized every time I see you. 
Your raw beauty, your natural air of confidence, your welcoming smile. 

Circle Skirt in Washougal Plaid $258


I wonder where you came from ....
...and where you are going             

Warm Springs Knit Dress $258

You seem so at ease in the world and full of life.
I want to be with you always
to hold you for a lifetime of memories.

Anorak Coat in Washougal Plaid $498

Bearchum Shift Dress $298

I will always appreciate your charm, 
through thick and through thin.

Warm Springs Knit Dress $258
Knit Wrap $298

Knowing that life can be a whirlwind of experiences, 
and we need to comfort each other.

La Pine Knit Shell $258
La Pine Knit Leggings $268
Banded Fringe Robe $298

Morning Owl Cape $398

And my dear, I will always be there to comfort you.

Bishop Coat $448

So, let's set off on this journey together,
for who knows what lies ahead.

Banded Fringe Robe $298

Love Always and Forever,
The Portland Collection

 Painted Hills Lookbook             Behind the Scenes Video 

Photography:Michelle Moore         Art Direction:Horseshoe              Model:Adazoe