January 14, 2013

Elegance at Ease with Peplum: How style and comfort go together

The age old question that runs through many ladies minds as they are getting dressed for an
engagement is; "Am I going to be comfortable?" She wants that outstanding look of elegance
that won't leave her feeling constricted by the second hour.  She craves the ability to be 
playful with a hint of sophistication.

Simply put; she wants to feel beautiful no matter what!

Weston Wear Geneva Top $138
Velvet Betsy Skirt $98
Commando Polka Dot Tights $38

The lovely setting of CamelionDesign in old Ballard becomes the backdrop for an elegantly at ease girl and her dog. Here she playfully shows off the versatility of these beautiful Peplum tops. Owner Nicole Vandmeulen offers fabulous custom made furniture as well as everything else you need to decorate your home.

Bringing Beauty, Fashion, Elegance, Comfort and Distinct Personality together is the makings of a wonderfully feminine style that she can confidently wear, and wear it well!

Blank NYC Personal Life Skinny $78

Genetic Denim The Shya $188
Sacha London Julie Pumps $88 sale