January 17, 2013

New Year, New Blue

As you are off and running into this New Year, do you hear little voices in your head reminding you of some hastily made New Years resolutions? Remember how you said you wanted to shed the old year of its weary overused looks and freshen up your style with vibrant color and energetic style? And don't forget the part where you said you were going to be open to try new things! You'll feel better once you scratch that off your list of things to do, and then you'll be motivated for that next resolution; The Gym.

2013 has a sea of blue to refresh your wardrobe and lifestyle with. Check out these exciting prints, feminine shapes and comfortable, easy to wear outfits. 

Textile Debbie Jean $168

Thread + Supply Chachi Denim Vest $88

Textile Debbie Jean $168