January 25, 2013

Postcards from Paradise: going deep into the jungles of fashion

Bringing together the eclectic looks of pop art and art deco with ethnic and tribal trends, Spring and Summer 2013 are looking to be full of vibrant life. From the fragrant mists of the jungle to the arid expanse of the desert, there is a hypnotic effect coming from these geometric tribal prints.

To accentuate the freshness of our new arrivals, we took a trip down the street to The Palm Room, a serenely beautiful space. Owner Brandon Peterson thinks of his shop as a place " to help people welcome plants into their lives." We thought of it as a place to also help welcome these gorgeous dresses.
Luv Aj Sheet Metal Cuff $138

Luv AJ Sheet Metal Cuff $138


Vanessa Mooney Genevieve Necklace $188

Calleen Cordero Rocal Stone Cuff $238
Luv AJ Cross Ring $58

Calleen Cordero Turquoise Stone Cuff $238