January 4, 2013

Using Our Best Assests to Bend the Laws of Style

We admit it officers! We did it! We used these fantastically designed graphic tees for our own advantage. We knew that all we needed was to put them together with these boots and coats and we could take over the world! 

We wanted a cute style, and we were prepared to do anything to get what we wanted.

Idylwild Carina Tee $48 (on sale for $34)
Vintage Cowboy Boots 

If you need to take us downtown, we understand. Fashion sense this good might be dangerous in the wrong hands. We will gladly let you escort us to the station, but could you make sure to be gentle, we don't want our outfits damaged...or our hair messed up.

Neosens Verduzzo Boots $238 (on sale for $168)

Idylwild Folk Festival Tee $48 (on sale for $34)

Oh...what was that...? You were just asking for directions to get some coffee and donuts? well, in that case...Why don't you let us escort you!

Idylwild Magdalena Tee $48(on sale for $34)
Thread + Supply Denim Vest $78

Tune in next week when the Horseshoe Gals narrowly escape the fashion police with their cutting edge antics once again.