January 30, 2013

Weston Wear: Let Neutral be Your Cup of Tea

The Natural Beauty of Neutral is Destined to be Your Cup of Tea this Spring!

The versatility of this calm pallet brings with it the ability for you to get into a softer more relaxed look. Take a moment to observe how neutral tones like vanilla and soft spice can be gently stirred to perfection with the bold statements of licorice and Earl Grey. Settle into this serene mood, take a deep breath and enjoy how these tranquil expressions of light and beautiful form will flatter your body and your style.

 Weston Wear Kari Long Skirt $128
Thread & Supply Guestlist Jacket $78
Vintage Cowboy Boots

QI Cashmere Snood $118
Vintage Cowboy Boots

 Weston Wear Lucia Dress $148
Vintage Cowboy Boots