February 13, 2013

DIY Bouquet and Floral Center Piece for your Valentine

It's Valentine's day!

It's a perfect time to present your sweetie with a handful of beautiful flowers!
We invited our favorite floral designer, Meghan Stoller from Mum Floral Design, to show us a DIY bouquet and centerpiece.

How to make a Made with Love Bouquet 

The Supplies: 
Meghan recommends flowers in pretty shades of pink with matching ribbon and ample amount of foliage greens for filler to start.

Getting Started:
With your hand cupped into a "C" or "Claw" shape, place the African Roses inside. Use your pointer finger on your other hand to form the petals and open up the flower buds until they're perfect. Easy does it.

Continue adding to the "Claw" by placing the other flowers around the intial roses, twisting and turning for the most pleasing placement and balance. A little Tip: Put the main flowers in little clusters of two or three and in un-assuming places around the arrangement. Meghan says this adds a more interesting dynamic to the aesthetic so as not to be too matchy, matchy.

Once you have your bouquet cluster to perfection get a good grip and begin to cut the stems to your preferred length. Nice, sharp scissors will cut through most stems and branches.

Then use a rubber band to secure your bouquet in place.

Finishing Touches:
Grab your ribbon like pictured, and wrap around until the stems are nice and tight, about two or three inches depending. Tie off with a cute little bow and add more ribbon if you like.

Your bouquet is ready for its hand-off. Let your Valentine know to that to prolong the love-life of the arrangement, they should try to trim the stems at a slight angle each day and change the water in the vase

How to Make a romantic floral center piece for your Valentine 
*tip: use your unused flowers from the bouquet

The Supplies:
Burlap, Jute, Tin Cans, Oasis Foam, and Unused Flowers and Foliage from the bouquet.
Cut your burlap to fit around the can holding it in place by tying jute around it with a cute little bow.
 Add water to the can.

Putting It Together:
Pictured here, Meghan used her Camilla Bud in a cross pattern in the can. She then placed most of her filler greens using the same cross pattern to create a nice bed for her main flowers.

Once you add all your flowers, arrange little pieces of filler green around the rim of the can until it is nicely camouflaged and balanced.

This centerpiece is ready for mood lighting and some Lionel Ritchie

Wait....There's More!

If  you still have flowers left over, grab your smaller tin and the Oasis foam drenched in water to make another pretty arrangement. 
This could be set on the table right next to the one you made above or can be put on your night-stand. Whatever you choose you'll be happy not to toss out any of your sweet little leftovers!

Place your filler greens to make a nice little bed for your colorful flowers. 
This time placing them at an angle outwards.

Continue to fill until you're ready to place the flowers in. 
Remember to add those finishing touches of filler greens to the outside to cover the rim of the can.

There you have it. 
An adorable sidekick.