February 25, 2013

Lime and Peach for a Playful Weekend Style

In preparation for sunny weekends, you want to use those precious hours of R&R to play. Help yourself make the most of your weekly reprieve from the stresses of work with these playful styles and casually elegant pieces.  And while your at it, enjoy our recommendation for a drink to go with your new look.

Lime and peach are tantalizing flavors that will tease your senses this season. 
In combinations of sweet and tart, the opportunity to find the humor in any moment will be a snap. 

This outfit pairs nicely with this Peach Mojito Recipe from myrecipe.com

A silk-scapade of geometry in motion. 
You'll feel every moment and want to follow every whim. 
Not only is this dress a perfect simplicity of bold lines and soft color, it also wears easily day or night. 

Enjoy this one with The Peacock Tonic from yummly.com

Even if you're not a weekend warrior, you still have a taste for a little unconventional fun. Try the unabashed look of bright color. 

You can keep it in check with some soft, breathable neutrals and this Maverick Martini from cocktailtimes.com

You work hard all week, and when the weekend comes, it should be a time to treat yourself right. Keep your look fresh with soft, calm inducing tones, prints and fabrics. 

And if you are looking for a non-alcoholic way to complement your style, try any one of these fantastic mocktail recipes from thekitchen.com
with Sibilia Patina Ring and Cuff