April 5, 2013

Finding the Calm in Prairie Underground

There is always something to do, somewhere to go and someone to meet, but sometimes it's important to put everything on hold and simply do nothing. We urge you to give yourself a time-out, even if it's only ten minutes- take a step outside to greet spring with mindful appreciation and let yourself relax into the natural state of things. 

The Prairie Underground spring collection breaks up your busy routine with country-meets-urban flattering silhouettes that will inspire you to pause just long enough to catch your breath. You'll feel the flow of breath more easily when you wrap your body in the pure comfort of the sustainably produced pieces made from organic hemp and cotton. 
Prairie Underground Guinevere Hoodie $275
with Denim Bustier $138

Prairie Underground Utility Dress $212

Prairie Underground Sparrow Shawl $168
with Vintage Cowboy Boots 

Prairie Underground Trouble with Dreams Jacket $288
with Denim Girdle Leggings $138

Prairie Underground Drafting Blouse $168

Life is a series of journey's, yet, in every journey you need to stop and appreciate the beauty around you as well as the beauty that is you. When you do this, the grace of your style will speak to your inner peace and lead you where you want to go.While navigating your map of being, let life's simple pleasures help you find a little extra space for your sensual connection to the world around you.

Alive and delightfully you, let these styles revitalize your spring outlook.