April 12, 2013

Five ways to Chambray

Every season there is a theme that inspires the trends. This year it seems to be all about finding balance. Since spring plays right into summer, finding a strong foundation to build your look upon is the key to a fully functioning closet. Sometimes we need only to reach into the past for a staple piece that we know we can rely on. Chambray, the sweet cousin to denim, offers the same casual laid back feeling, yet so much softer. It’s a perfect warm weather basic that acts like a calming effect to your outfit. Light washed, over-dyed or distressed, it adds freshness to your look while still popping with a subtle expression; almost as if to say, “Yeah, I am beautiful —and I didn't even have to try.”

Spring is full of vibrant color that you want to embrace, but you also don't want to loose touch with that relaxed, sunshiny feeling by wearing sharp contrasting colors. The selection of soft pastels this season will act to balance neutral tones with an expression of fresh light easy breezy hues. While chambray acts like an anchor for your outfit, pastels will give your style some personality. 

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Looking back to the 80’s when chambray and pastels had their heyday in every John Hughes movie, the look is now being recycled into some fantastically updated and relaxed casual styles---although, thankfully the big hair has not come around again....!

Get ready to chambray!