May 29, 2013

Graduates Style Guide: What To Wear- Under The Gown

For the Graduate, thinking about what to wear under-the-gown can be a challenge. You want to feel put together so that after you throw your hat up in the air, you can take off that gown and "graduate " to a well styled look.  

Here are some helpful tips and ideas of what to wear 
Under The Gown

Tip 1.
Most likely you'll be taking what can seem like a million photo's, photo's you'll be seeing on your loved ones walls for years to come, so we suggest you take a little extra "primping" time on the morning of your big commencement. An extra swipe of the mascara wand and a tube of lip-gloss in your pocket will go a long way on a day like today!

Tip 2.
If you're Dress-ing to impress something with a figure framing silhouette will be a good accompaniment to the drapey gown you'll be putting over it, especially if you're petite, otherwise a classic A-line dress will fill the role just fine. We'd just make sure you wear something with pockets to hold your camera, phone, and cards because a handbag or even a crossbody bag can easily become a nuisance during the ceremony.

Tip 3.
It's definitely fine to go casual with denim or pants with a blouse or sweater, especially if you're going off to celebrate with your friends rather than attend a fancy dinner. In that case you may stick with a dress and bring this option along for afterwards. Either way if you choose separates with tailored, clean lines your look is sure to be polished.

Tip 4.
When choosing your shoes it's best to check the weather report and the terrain you'll be treading on. A wedge is usually your best bet if you're going for a dressed up look and a flat is always fool proof. If you're walking conditions allow for a heel by all means wear 'em proud, just keep in mind how much you'll be on your feet and think about stowing away a back up.  

Tip 5. Since it will be late spring, you will also need to be ready for rain or shine. Bringing along a simple blazer, denim jacket or cardigan will keep you cozy and will most likely have the pockets needed in case the rest of your outfit doesn't.
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