May 20, 2013

A Beautiful Bouquet of Color for your Closet

Summer colors are bright, cheerful and blooming like crazy. 
It seems like everywhere you look the gardens
 are getting into full swing. 

These floral landscapes are brilliantly displayed in
some of this seasons many fantastic collections.

TOMS Ikat Strappy Sandals $69

Eye-catching stripes and vivid hues all pop with inspiration that
comes from rhododendrons, azaleas, lavender and more.
Sold Bermuda Triangle Shorts  $98
TOMS Village Stripe Wedge Sandals $69

Bold shades reminiscent of poppies delight our eyes while
reminding us that summer abounds.

TOMS Classic Canvas Shoes $54

Experience the joyful effect that a bouquet of flowers can give you
 by dressing yourself in a beautiful garden of color.
Splendid Dixieland Top $128
TOMS Ikat Strappy Wedge Sandals $69