May 1, 2013

Inspiring Moms Inspiring Style

For the Month of May Horseshoe want's to pay tribute to the Moms.
In our first installment of our Countdown to Mother's day, we want to show off some moms who really personify a commitment to motherhood and a strong passion for life. 
Not only do these amazing ladies shine in front of the camera, they also seem to take their role as mothers just as seriously as their role as women leaders.


In a relaxed way, Michelle Obama really personifies the mom/professional. She wants to be taken seriously while still maintaining a truly vibrant style. For her, a cardigan is the must have item that really personalizes her outfits.

1. Eva Franco Akele Dress 
2. Subtle Luxury Navajo Diamonds Scarf  
3. Plenty Surf Shack Dress 
4. Prairie Underground Utility Dress 
5. Label & Thread Coffee Break Cardigan 
6. Subtle Luxury Hidden Hearts Scarf 
7. OXMO I'll Tumble for ya Cardigan 
8. Goddis Zsa Zsa Cardigan 
9. NSF Edith Trousers 
10. Mystree Second Wind Cardigan Sweater  
11. Prairie Underground Trouble With Dreams Jacket  
12. Three Dots Odette Skirt


Tina Fey's has a sporty and layered style. She's an honest and down-to-earth mom who just happens to be one of the funniest and talented actors out there. It just goes to show that you don't have to be glitzy to be gorgeous and amazing!
11. Raven Denim Cadence Pant


What is not to love about Reese Witherspoon's preppy-urban style? She's playfully sweet with a bite and boy does she knows how to rock the boyfriend jeans! Her sassy demeanor reminds us that motherhood isn't about growing up and giving up, it's about having the time of your life with those you love.
1. Piper Gore Natalie Chambray Dress 
2. Language Bright Future Top
3. Three Dots Soda Fountain Skirt
4. Subtle Luxury Starfish Scarf 
5. Sold Ex-Boyfriend Trousers
6. Raven Denim Betty Jacket 
7. Splendid Payton Top
8. Gee WaWa Meeya Sandals
9. Three Dots Sea Scout Dress 
10. Splendid Dixieland Top
11. Henry & Belle My Boyfriend's Jeans


Alicia Keys lets in a little wanderlust to her style. She represents the mom that knows she's can sing a lullaby and soothe our souls. With the power of all things feminine, her flowy and carefree style makes her truly a mom-goddess!
1. Eternal Sunshine Creations Emma Sweater Dress 
2. Mar y Sol Havana Pom Pom Tote
3. Splendid Evanston Sandals
4. NSF Edith Trouser 
5. Tart Lucy Top
6. Fluxus Paige Tank
7. Veronica M Greta Dress
8. Fraiche by J Boulevard Dress 
9. Bobi Eileen Dress
10. Blank A cut Above Shorts