June 1, 2013

Distract us with the Abstract

Summer is always a shoo-in for lovely floral prints in an array of colors. However, this year we have been delivered worldly abstract prints spun a bit more toward the sophisticate, enabling us to feast our eyes on clothing to stimulate our left brains and get our creative juices flowing. Below we've curated a collection of stand out pieces from Summer collections by Weston Wear, Language, Velvet and Kensie... showing that we all have a taste for the arts.

Waterfall Of Stripes 
Cut n' Paste Edie Handbag $228 
Luv AJ Pyramid Stud Charm Necklace $78 

Blurred Lines
Language Line Of Times Tank $68
Sold St. Mark's Stiletto Pants $138
Graciela Nepal Turquoise Necklace $118
SDHC Rainbow Connection Cowboy Hat $28

Sophisticated Ink Blot

Hazy Geometric
Velvet Kalila Dress $148
Aqua Luna Geode Necklace $68
Elise M Florence Belt $48
Vintage Cowboy Boots