July 16, 2013

Stand By Your Brand: Meet Veronica M.

Meet the lovely Veronica of her eponymous collection, Veronica M. Clothing. Born in Lima Peru, she moved to Los Angeles at age seven. Veronica recalls memories from childhood of fabric shopping with her Mother and helping cut patterns. The influence of bright colors and bold prints always stuck with her and is now synonymous with her brand. In 1996 Veronica started making mini skirts out of her Mom's garage and selling them at swap meets. Demand began to grow for her designs which led to the launch of her first store in 1997. Naturally after much success she began receiving interest from other retailers which spurred her on to develop a wholesale division. Currently Veronica has five boutiques in Southern California along with a demanding wholesale business. 

Looking back, she says it was certainly a struggle to start her own business. She had no formal education in business or fashion design however what she did have was a strong sense of ambition, courage and talent. 

Veronica believes that every woman should look and feel her best...