August 29, 2013

Sweaters: The Essential Layer by Michael Stars

Slowly the leaves begin to fall reminding us that Autumn is near.  Hot summer days are fading away causing us to pay mind to the need for soft, warm layers. Afterall it's that cozy, blanket-like top layer that helps get us through the dark and rainy days to come.  Over the years we've come to realize that a good sweater is as important as a good friend---welcoming, comforting and faithful.

Michael Stars continues to wow us with his sweater collection year after year.  You'll find some of the softest, most unique textures, great eye popping colors and affordable pricing in this Fall's offering.

Take a peek at our latest delivery from Michael Stars and get your sweater on!

Sarah Loertscher Necklace 

Tart Lucy Top $98
Vintage Cowboy Boots