January 30, 2013

Weston Wear: Let Neutral be Your Cup of Tea

The Natural Beauty of Neutral is Destined to be Your Cup of Tea this Spring!

The versatility of this calm pallet brings with it the ability for you to get into a softer more relaxed look. Take a moment to observe how neutral tones like vanilla and soft spice can be gently stirred to perfection with the bold statements of licorice and Earl Grey. Settle into this serene mood, take a deep breath and enjoy how these tranquil expressions of light and beautiful form will flatter your body and your style.

 Weston Wear Kari Long Skirt $128
Thread & Supply Guestlist Jacket $78
Vintage Cowboy Boots

QI Cashmere Snood $118
Vintage Cowboy Boots

 Weston Wear Lucia Dress $148
Vintage Cowboy Boots

January 29, 2013

The Next Chapter of your Style Book Begins Now!

As the story of your life continues to unfold, you never know what surprises are around the corner. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to take the day as it comes. Get yourself dressed in a style that will keep up with your activities while still on the same page as your femininity. 

These simple and clean looks are inspired by the lovers of casual with a touch of sporty for a little boost. 
Stripes, mesh, fleece and flannel are all waiting to be part of your story. 

TOMS Wedge Sandal $69


Three Dots Dariella British Tee $68
Three Dots Ariella Cardigan $138
Blank Personal Life Skinny $78
TOMS Wedge Sandals $69

January 25, 2013

Postcards from Paradise: going deep into the jungles of fashion

Bringing together the eclectic looks of pop art and art deco with ethnic and tribal trends, Spring and Summer 2013 are looking to be full of vibrant life. From the fragrant mists of the jungle to the arid expanse of the desert, there is a hypnotic effect coming from these geometric tribal prints.

To accentuate the freshness of our new arrivals, we took a trip down the street to The Palm Room, a serenely beautiful space. Owner Brandon Peterson thinks of his shop as a place " to help people welcome plants into their lives." We thought of it as a place to also help welcome these gorgeous dresses.
Luv Aj Sheet Metal Cuff $138

Luv AJ Sheet Metal Cuff $138


Vanessa Mooney Genevieve Necklace $188

Calleen Cordero Rocal Stone Cuff $238
Luv AJ Cross Ring $58

Calleen Cordero Turquoise Stone Cuff $238

January 24, 2013

A Punch Of Color

Spike your year with a punch of color!

Spring 2013 is looking to be full of outstanding hue's.  
These spritzes of excitement are guaranteed to garner well deserved attention.

Raven Denim Raquel Mid Rise $94 SALE
Korkease Yuli Malaga Maryjane $94 SALE

The backside of winter is the perfect time to embrace this vibrant eye candy. 
Prepare your wardrobe by making yourself a closet cocktail of sunshine and sip to your hearts content. 
Sold Denim Soho Super Skinny $148

A love affair with the flavors of spring will bring a blush of color to your cheeks; 
a hello to the sun, sky and warmer days ahead.

Genetic Denim Shya $188

These fruity tones seem to exist in the sweet spot of truly vibrant feminine style. 
A perfect way to highlight your energetic outlook on life and tantalizing motivations.

January 17, 2013

New Year, New Blue

As you are off and running into this New Year, do you hear little voices in your head reminding you of some hastily made New Years resolutions? Remember how you said you wanted to shed the old year of its weary overused looks and freshen up your style with vibrant color and energetic style? And don't forget the part where you said you were going to be open to try new things! You'll feel better once you scratch that off your list of things to do, and then you'll be motivated for that next resolution; The Gym.

2013 has a sea of blue to refresh your wardrobe and lifestyle with. Check out these exciting prints, feminine shapes and comfortable, easy to wear outfits. 

Textile Debbie Jean $168

Thread + Supply Chachi Denim Vest $88

Textile Debbie Jean $168