July 22, 2014

What to wear: Horseshoe's Essential Summer Outings

While you've been busy making your fun Summer plans, we've been busy sifting through the Horseshoe racks! 

As your self-appointed personal stylists, we've come up with looks for our Horseshoe's Essential Summer Outings, to make sure you're completely prepared and perfectly polished for each activity. 

A Day At The Lake
2. Mar y Sol Hat 
3. Jao Lip Balm
6. TOMS Sandela Sunglasses

Relaxing Around The Bonfire
Betsy & Iya Necklace 

Celebrating Patriotic Holidays
Butter London Nail Polish
Mar y Sol Handbag

Brunching With Your Favorites

A Concert On The Grass
TOMS Sunglasses