October 13, 2011

Jump On The Bandwagon: Drusy Rings!

The Square Titanium Drusy Ring $48

You may be wondering what these glittery chipped stone rings are! Well, their not a stone at all really! They're sets of tiny crystals and minerals that form on the surface of another stone and are called a Drusy.  Each type of Drusy has particular characteristics such as crystal size, luster and color. You can spot a Drusy pretty easily because they look like little sparkling clusters of sugar and in turn the perfect ring to dazzle our pretty fingers with!

Liz Larios makes some of the most beautiful Drusy rings we've seen. Here are a couple of our favorites but you should definitely come into the store to see all the other styles we've got!

Small Drusy Ring $48

Stalactite Slice Wood Ring $148

Small Black Drusy Ring $48