July 27, 2012

Old Ballard

We are proud to be located in the Historic Landmark District of Ballard, known to be a microcosm of Pacific Northwest history.  Annexed to Seattle in 1907, it’s a place with strong maritime roots. Originally a home to mill workers, fishermen and boat builders many of whom emigrated from Scandinavia, Ballard has seen many changes over the years while still maintaining a unique vibe and strong community feel.

Come with us on a pictorial tour of Our Ballard, and get a sense of what makes this unique part of Seattle so special. 

 A commitment to local industry is felt very strongly in Ballard, and Horseshoe is proud to support businesses that hold true to the calling for locally made and sustainably crafted clothing.  Shining bright in this category is Prairie Underground, with their use of organic cottons and hemp to create artfully designed and ultra-cozy urban attire. 

Michael Stars Sparks Fly Scarf $38 
Velvet Willow Tee $78

Vintage Cowboy Boots

Prairie Underground Denim Girdle Leggings $138 
Subtle Luxury Starburst Scarf $88