October 12, 2012

From Pendleton, With Love.

My Dear,
I am mesmerized every time I see you. 
Your raw beauty, your natural air of confidence, your welcoming smile. 

Circle Skirt in Washougal Plaid $258


I wonder where you came from ....
...and where you are going             

Warm Springs Knit Dress $258

You seem so at ease in the world and full of life.
I want to be with you always
to hold you for a lifetime of memories.

Anorak Coat in Washougal Plaid $498

Bearchum Shift Dress $298

I will always appreciate your charm, 
through thick and through thin.

Warm Springs Knit Dress $258
Knit Wrap $298

Knowing that life can be a whirlwind of experiences, 
and we need to comfort each other.

La Pine Knit Shell $258
La Pine Knit Leggings $268
Banded Fringe Robe $298

Morning Owl Cape $398

And my dear, I will always be there to comfort you.

Bishop Coat $448

So, let's set off on this journey together,
for who knows what lies ahead.

Banded Fringe Robe $298

Love Always and Forever,
The Portland Collection

 Painted Hills Lookbook             Behind the Scenes Video 

Photography:Michelle Moore         Art Direction:Horseshoe              Model:Adazoe