April 25, 2013

Hello Spring Shoes

It's time to welcome springs bounty of cork wedges, open-toed sandals and uber-cool shoes to your closet. 

This time of year you want to have something on your feet. Make a statement by adding a little unique flair to the rest of your outfit with fun colors and flattering styles. Check-out the newest TOMS, Naya and Tsubo styles for some extra lift; they are really going to get you excited to go outside and enjoy the season.

TSUBO Spring Styles

NAYA Heeled Sandals

MAGUBA Clog Sandals 

Rio Clog Sandals in Black $148


 Davenport Wedge Sandals $138

 Evanston Sandals $118

Layla Wedge Sandals $78

DV by Dolce Vita 
 Jobin Sandals $88

FIEL Booties
 Bateau Wedge Booties $268

Susie Wedge Sandals $168